The Chapel of St Luke: Design and History

St Luke's Campus was opened in 1854, and from this time the staff and students would walk - in all weathers - to services at Exeter Cathedral, until the campus's own chapel was built in 1863. It suffered a direct hit during the bombing raids of 1942 and was all but destroyed in the consequential fire, but was rebuilt in the original architectural style, and rededicated in 1952.

The stained glass of the trefoil at the top of the east window depicts a phoenix rising from flames, symbolising both the Chapel's history and the Christian belief in the resurrection.

The Chapel is open to all, and can be accessed via an outside door, or from the east wing of North Cloisters through the adjoining door.

Just through the entrance is a cosy lounge and small kitchen area, where you are welcome to relax and help yourself to refreshments, and a wifi connection is available for those who wish to study.

In the Autumn, the early morning sun sometimes catches the east window - the effect can be quite dazzling.