The challenge of mitigation

Working Group III (WGIII) considers the options for mitigating against climate change through limiting or preventing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing activities that remove them from the atmosphere. 

The group has investigated the main economic sectors and established the costs and benefits of different mitigation approaches.

This session will take place between 10.00 - 12.00 on Friday 16 May.


Professor Jim Skea (session chair)

Research Councils UK Energy Strategy Fellow, Imperial College London

I have research interests in energy, climate change and technological innovation. I have been RCUK Energy Strategy Fellow since April 2012 and a Professor of Sustainable Energy at Imperial College since 2009. I was Research Director of the UK Energy Research Centre 2004-12 and Director of the Policy Studies Institute 1998-2004.

I have operated at the interface between research, policy-making and business throughout my career. I am a member of the UK Committee on Climate Change and a Vice-Chair of IPCC Working Group III. I acted as Launch Director for the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, and was awarded a CBE for services to sustainable energy in 2013 as well as an OBE for services to sustainable transport in 2004. 

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Professor Ottmar Edenhofer (keynote speaker)

Co-Chair of Working Group III of the IPCC, Director of MCC, and Director and Chief Economist of PIK

I am Deputy Director and Chief Economist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Professor of the Economics of Climate Change at TU Berlin - Berlin Institute of Technology and Co-Chair of Working Group III of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

I am also Director of the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC).

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Professor John Barrett

Professor of Sustainability Research; Deputy Director of Research (Excellence), University of Leeds

I am a Chair in Sustainability Research at the Sustainable Research Institute (SRI), University of Leeds. My research interests include sustainable consumption and production and exploring the transition to a low carbon future.

I was a lead author for the IPCC Working Group III (Chapter 4), which related to understanding past trends in consumption and trade. In my view, it is essential that future climate research provides the most detailed picture possible of the low carbon transition to allow decision makers to visualise a different future.

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Professor Simon Caney

Professor in Political Theory and Director of the Centre for the Study of Social Justice, University of Oxford

I work on issues in contemporary political philosophy, and I focus on issues of environmental, global and intergenerational justice.  I am completing a book entitled Global Justice and Climate Change (with Derek Bell), which is under contract with Oxford University Press.  I have published extensively on topics in global justice and am the author of Justice Beyond Borders (Oxford University Press, 2005) and a co-editor with Stephen Gardiner, Dale Jamieson and Henry Shue of Climate Ethics (Oxford University Press, 2010).

I am a Contributing Author of the IPCC AR5.  I was also a member of the working party that wrote the Nuffield Council on Bioethics report Biofuels: Ethical Issues (2011).  I have written commissioned background papers for the World Bank (for its World Development Report 2010: Development and Climate Change) and for the International Council on Human Rights Policy (for its report Beyond Technology Transfer: Protecting Human Rights in a Climate-Constrained World (2011)). I also served as an advisor for the International Council on Human Rights Policy for its report Climate Change and Human Rights: A Rough Guide (2008).

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Professor Catherine Mitchell

Professor of Energy Policy, University of Exeter

I am Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Exeter. Previously, I worked at the Universities of  Warwick, Sussex and California, Berkeley.

I was a Lead Author in the IPCC AR5  in the Policy and Institutions Chapter of WGIII, and I was also a Co-ordinating Lead Author of the Policy, Financing and Implementation Chapter of IPCC’s Special Report on Renewable Energy and Climate Change Mitigation (published 2011).

I currently hold an Established Career Fellowship with the EPSRC (2012-2016) on Innovation and Governance for a Sustainable Economy. 

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