Stage 1: 90 credits of compulsory modules and 90 credits of optional modules

As appropriate
You must select either HISM185 or HISM186 (you cannot choose more than one module from this group).

Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
HISM016 Advanced Historical Research Skills 30
HISM400 Dissertation in History 60

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
HISS MA History Optional modules 19/20
HISM001 Critical Approaches to Early Modern History 30
HISM002 Critical Approaches to Maritime and Naval History 30
HISM003 Critical Approaches to Imperial and Global History 30
HISM017 Critical Approaches to Medical Humanities 30
HISM019 Critical Approaches in Medieval Research 30
HISM020 Critical Approaches to War, State and Society 30
HISM026 Medicine Beyond Borders: History and Politics of International Health 30
HISM027 The Cold War: A Global History 30
HISM035 Wealth and Work in Early Modern Britain 30
HISM036 Gender, Society and Culture in Early Modern Europe 30
HISM037 Contested Pasts: History in the Public Sphere 30
HISM038 Navy and Nation: The Royal Navy in the Long Eighteenth Century, 1688-1815 30
HISM039 History in Public: A Workplace Project 30
HISM040 Introduction to Digital Humanities 30
HISM042 Working with Medieval Manuscripts and Documents 30
HISM183 Interpreting the Middle Ages 30
HISS MA History Optional Language modules 19/20 [see note a above]
CLAM251 Latin I 30
CLAM252 Classical Language and Texts: Latin II 30
CLAM254 Latin III 30
CLAM255 Latin IV 30
HISM185-HISM186 [see note b above]
HISM185 Supervised Independent Study in the Humanities 15
HISM186 Supervised Independent Study in the Humanities 30