120 credits of compulsory modules, 60 credits of optional modules

a You may select only one of BIOM4012 or BIOM4013.

b If you have mobility or health disabilities and want to undertake fieldwork, then reasonable adjustments and/or alternative assessment can be considered.

Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
BIOM4009 Research Project 90
BIOM4025 Statistical Modelling 15
LESM006 The Art of Science 15

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
BioP BIOM4012-BIOM4013 modules [See note a above]
BIOM4012 Terrestrial Biodiversity and Conservation 15
BIOM4013 Marine Biodiversity and Conservation 15
BioP MSc C&B optional modules 2018-9 [See note b above]
BIOM4014 Preparing for Ecological Consultancy 15
BIOM4018 Approaches in Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology 15
BIOM4027 African Biodiversity and Conservation Policy Field Course 30
BIOM4030 Planning and Leading Conservation Projects 15