You will have the choice of a range of specialist modules, including the opportunity to take our dissertation module, to create a programme of work fully reflecting your interests and providing you with the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned over the previous years of your degree.

You will take 120 credits from the list of level 3 options, including Classical Languages and Texts modules at the appropriate level.

Alternatively up to 30 credits can be taken from another programme, using your modularity option.

All language module descriptions can be found here

Optional modules

Please see the list of level 3 Classics and Ancient History optional modules here:

CodeModule Credits
Classics and Ancient History Stage Three Optional Modules 2018/9 (For All Programmes)

Classics and Ancient History Stage Three Optional Modules 2018/9 (For All Programmes)

CLA3007 The Crisis of the Athenian Polis 30
CLA3008 The Age of Cicero 30
CLA3032 Translation and Criticism 30
CLA3042 Ancient Literary Criticism 30
CLA3054 Domination and Resistance in Roman Britain 30
CLA3056 Ovid and the Erotic Passions 15
CLA3108 The World of Late Antiquity 30
CLA3112 Medicine in Antiquity 15
CLA3113 Art in Greek Society 15
CLA3114 Art in Roman Society 15
CLA3118 The World(s) of Didactic Poetry 30
CLA3255 Greek Political Thought 15
CLA3256 Impact of Greek Culture 15
CLA3257 Living in the Roman World: Society and Culture 30
CLA3258 The Reception of Greek Culture 15
CLA3259 The Ancient Greek Novel 15
CLA3260 Tales of the Unexpected: paradoxography, fiction and the culture of wonder 15
CLA3263 Being and Not-Being in Greek Philosophy: from Parmenides to Aristotle 15
CLA3267 Dialogues with the Past: Creative Interpretative Project 15
CLA3268 Ancient Journeys and Migrants 30
CLA3273 Polybios and the Challenge of Change 15
CLA3274 The Persians in a Near Eastern Context 30
CLA3009 Dissertation 30