Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
SOC1037 Introduction to Social Analysis: Classical Social Theory 15
SOC1038 Introduction to Social Analysis: Contemporary Social Theory 15
SOC1019 Contemporary Society: Themes and Perspectives 15
SOC1020 Contemporary Society: Fields and Case Studies 15

Optional modules

Students take 60 credits from the Level 1 Politics Programme.

If required, Foreign Language Centre module(s) appropriate to intended study in Stage 3 30 Credits

CodeModule Credits
Politics Stage 1 Modules 2017-8
POL1001B State of Britain 15
POL1006 State and Society 15
POL1008 Introduction to Social Data 15
POL1017 Globalization of World Politics 15
POL1018 Facing the Challenges of World Politics in the Twenty-First Century 15
POL1019 Power and Democracy 15
POL1020 Politics in Europe 15
POL1025 Classical Political Thought 15
POL1026 Early Modern Political Thought 15
POL1028 Introduction to Strategic Studies 15
POL1041 Data Analysis in Social Science 15
POL1023 Politics and Economy of the Contemporary Middle East 15