Optional modules

Students to choose 60 credits of modules from Level 2 of the Sociology Programme


Students to choose 60 credits of modules from the Level 2 Politics Programme

CodeModule Credits
SOC2004 Into the Field 15
SOC2005 Theoretical Sociology 30
SOC2050 Knowing the Social: perception, memory and representation 15
Sociology Stage 2 modules 2018-9
SOC2014 Media in Society 15
SOC2021 Understanding Social Inequalities 15
SOC2030 Sociology of Art and Culture 15
SOC2031 Ethnomusicology 30
SOC2032 Culture and Perception in Everyday Life 15
SOC2033 Addiction 15
SOC2034 Gender and Society 1: Body and Sexuality in Contemporary Perspective 15
SOC2035 International Criminal Justice: Comparative Criminology 15
SOC2036 International Criminal Justice: Application of Theory to Transnational and International Crime 15
SOC2039 Sociology of Family and Gender 15
SOC2040 Actor-Network-Theory 15
SOC2046 The Holocaust and Society 15
SOC2077 Data Analysis in Social Science II 15
SOC2085 Health, Illness and Bodies in Contemporary Society Part 1: Medicine and Social Control 15
SOC2087 Disability and Society 15
SOC2088 Health, Illness and Bodies in Contemporary Society: Part 2: Bodies in Society 15
SOC2094 Data Analysis in Social Science III 15
SOC2095 On Violence 30
SOC2096 Cyborg Studies 15
SOC2097 Environment and Society 15
SOC2098 Sociology of Imprisonment 15
SOC2101 Police and Policing 15
SOC2102 Education and Society 15
SOC2103 Senses and Society 15
SOC2104 Victimology 15
SOC2105 Contemporary Capitalism, Critique and Resistance 15
SOC2107 Culture and Wellbeing 15
SOC2112 Introduction to Terrorism Studies 30
SOC2113 Sexuality and Culture 15
SOC2114 Anthropology of the State 15
Politics Stage 2 modules 2018-9
POL2020 Contemporary Theories of World Politics 15
POL2026 Political Analysis: Behaviour, Institutions, Ideas 15
POL2027 The Politics of the World Economy 15
POL2047 American Politics 15
POL2050 Political Philosophy 15
POL2051 War and Peace in the Middle East 15
POL2052 Foreign Policy: Leadership, Power and Responsibility 15
POL2057 Security Studies 15
POL2075 Integration and Disintegration in the EU 15
POL2077 Data Analysis in Social Science II 15
POL2081 Thinking about Race: Perspectives from the Biological and Social Sciences 15
POL2082 The Changing Character of Warfare 15
POL2086 Strategy and Psychology in Foreign Policy 15
POL2094 Data Analysis in Social Science III 15
POL2095 From Climate Change to Quantum Theory: The Future of International Relations 15
POL2097 Behavioural Public Policy and the Nudge Agenda 15
POL2098 What is Law? Jurisprudence from Stone Tablets to Brain Imaging 15
POL2099 The Politics of Social Justice 15
POL2100 Political Conflicts in Europe 15
POL2101 Public Environmental Politics 15
POL2102 Explaining Public Policies 15
POL2103 The Logic of Democracies and Dictatorships 15