The centre-point of the final year is the dissertation. This provides you with the opportunity to explore an area of interest and to demonstrate what you have learned over the previous years of your degree. You will also take up to three other specialist modules to create a programme of work fully reflecting your interests.

Optional modules

Students to choose 60 credits from Level 2/3 of the Sociology Programme (see Level 2 optional modules above).


Students to choose 60 credits from the Level 3 Politics programme

CodeModule Credits
Politics Stage 3 modules 2018-9
POL3000 Deadly Words: The Language of Political Violence 15
POL3051 The Media in Europe 30
POL3069 Globalisation and the Politics of Resistance 30
POL3076 Research Design for Dissertation 30
POL3077 Global Environmental Politics and Policy 30
POL3080 The International Politics of Religion 30
POL3088 Forced Migration, Refugees and International Relations 30
POL3089 Policy in Action 30
POL3094 Data Analysis in Social Science III 15
POL3132 Globalisation and Democratic Politics: the End of the Nation State? 30
POL3136 Political Psychology 30
POL3154 The Politics of Climate Change 15
POL3156 Central Asian Politics 30
POL3168 War and its Aftermath: Interventions and Contemporary Conflict 30
POL3170 Marxism and Post-Structuralism 30
POL3174 International Security and US Foreign Policy 30
POL3180 Latin American Parties, Politics and Elections 30
POL3193 Women in the Criminal Justice System: Law, Policy and Institutions 30
POL3194 Rethinking the Politics of Communities 30
POL3198 Revolution and Modern Political Thought 30
POL3202 China in World Affairs 30
POL3203 Comparative Public Opinion 30
POL3204 Politics through the Life Course (Q-Step) 30
POL3206 The Political Economy of the State 30
POL3208 Maritime Power and Security in Global Politics 15
POL3212 Developments in British Politics: From Baldwin to Brexit 30
POL3217 Feminist Political Theory 30
POL3221 The Politics of Food, Farming and Nature 30
POL3222 Biopolitics in Practice 30
POL3223 Political and Civic Engagement in an Age of Political Disaffection 30
POL3225 Understanding Civil War 30
POL3226 Money, Lobbying, and Policymaking 30
Sociology Stage 3 modules 2018-9
SOC3013 Gender and Society 1 15
SOC3028 Media in Society 15
SOC3030 Sociology of Art and Culture 15
SOC3031 Ethnomusicology 30
SOC3032 Culture and Perception in Everyday Life 15
SOC3033 Addiction 15
SOC3034 International Criminal Justice: Comparative Criminology 15
SOC3036 International Criminal Justice: Application of Theory to Transnational and International Crime 15
SOC3037 Actor-Network-Theory 15
SOC3046 The Holocaust and Society 15
SOC3085 Health, Illness and Bodies in Contemporary Society Part 1: Medicine and Social Control 15
SOC3087 Disability and Society 15
SOC3088 Health, Illness and Bodies in Contemporary Society: Part 2: Bodies in Society 15
SOC3094 Data Analysis in Social Science III 15
SOC3095 On Violence 30
SOC3096 Cyborg Studies 15
SOC3097 Environment and Society 15
SOC3098 Sociology of Imprisonment 15
SOC3101 Police and Policing 15
SOC3102 Education and Society 15
SOC3103 Senses and Society 15
SOC3104 Victimology 15
SOC3107 Culture and Wellbeing 15
SOC3108 Sociology of Family and Gender 15
SOC3109 Contemporary Capitalism, Critique and Resistance 15
SOC3111 Evidence-Based Policing 15
SOC3112 Introduction to Terrorism Studies 30
SOC3113 Sexuality and Culture 15
SOC3114 Anthropology of the State 15