30 credits of compulsory modules, 90 credits of optional modules

b You may not take GEO2449 and LES2002 or GEO2453 and LES2002 in the same academic year. Additionally, if you have taken GEO2449 you may not take GEO2453 in any stage, and vice versa.

c The field course module, GEO2447, is compulsory. If you are unable to take the field course, you will be required to take another optional module.

Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
GEO2447 Isles of Scilly Field Course [See note c above]15
GEO2448 Research Methods in Geography, Environment and Society 15
LES2400 Introduction to Professional Placements 0

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
GeoP Stage 2 BA-BSc Geog optional modules 2019-0
CSC2010M Oceans and Human Health 15
CSC2021 Health, Place and Wellbeing 15
ECM2911 Mathematics of the Environment 15
GEO2428B Atmosphere and Ocean Systems 15
GEO2435 Evolution of Human Societies 15
GEO2440 Geographical Information Science and Systems 15
GEO2441 Remote Sensing for Environmental Management 15
GEO2444 Landscape Evolution 15
GEO2445 Rural Social Issues 15
GEO2450 Biogeography 15
GEO2451 Ice Sheets: Glaciology, Climate and the Oceans 15
GEO2454 Waste and Society 15
LAW2016C Environmental Regulation and Redress 15
GeoP Employability optional modules [See note b above]
GEO2449 Green Consultants 15
GEO2453 Social Innovation Consultants 15
LES2002 Workplace Learning 15