45 credits of compulsory modules, 75 credits of optional modules

b You may not take GEO2449 and LES2002 or GEO2453 and LES2002 in the same academic year. Additionally, if you have taken GEO2449 you may not take GEO2453 in any stage, and vice versa.

d You must choose one of the two Dissertation modules. To exit with the award BSc (Hons) you must select GEO3439 and to exit with the award of BA (Hons) you must select GEO3438.

e The field course module, GEO3443, is optional but if you do not take GEO3443, you will be required to take GEO3452 Literature Review in Environment and Society and 15 other credits. GEO3452 is only available if you are not going on the field course.

Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
GEO3438 BA Dissertation in Geography [See note d above]40
GEO3439 BSc Dissertation in Geography [See note d above]40
LES3001 Preparing to Graduate 5

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
GeoP Stage 3-4 BA-BSc Geog optional modules 2019-0
CSC4013M Frontiers of Global Health 15
GEO3437B Climate Change and Society 15
GEO3443 USA Field Course 30
GEO3448 Quaternary Environmental Change 15
GEO3444 The Complexity of Human Societies 15
GEO3455 Marine Climate and Environmental Change 15
GEO3454 Antarctica: Science from a Frozen Continent 15
GEO3457 Geographies of Democracy 15
GEO3458 Marine and Coastal Sustainability 15
GEO3459 Whole Energy Systems 15
GEO3461 Arctic Frontiers: Can We Preserve the Arctic Environment? 15
LAW3016C Legal Response to Environmental Destruction 15
GeoP Employability optional modules [See note b above]
GEO2449 Green Consultants 15
GEO2453 Social Innovation Consultants 15
LES2002 Workplace Learning 15
GEO3452 Literature Review in Environment and Society [See note e above]15