75 credits of compulsory modules, 45 credits of optional modules.

d It is compulsory to take a field course in the third year. BIO3441 Bio Penryn 3rd Year Field Course represents your Field Course module, with more information about destination and specific activities available from the department. If you are unable to take a field course, you will be required to take BIO3440 Global Research Skills Virtual Field Course plus either BIO3407 Literature Review in Evolution and Ecology or 15 other credits. BIO3440 and BIO3407 are only available if you are not going on the field course.


Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
BIO3136 Research Project 40
BIO3407 Literature Review in Evolution and Ecology [See note d above]15
BIO3440 Global Research Skills Virtual Field Course [See note d above]15
BIO3441 Penryn 3rd Year Field Course [See note d above]30
LES3001 Preparing to Graduate 5

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
BioP SF BSc-S3 MSci CBE opt 2022-3
BIO3116 Marine Vertebrate Conservation 15
BIO3131 Trends in Ecology and Evolution 15
BIO3135 Human Behavioural Ecology 15
BIO3400 Living in Groups 15
BIO3401 Coevolutionary Interactions 15
BIO3409 Symbiosis in Marine Systems 15
BIO3410 Sensory Ecology 15
BIO3411 Science in Society 15
BIO3413 Animal Life Histories 15
BIO3415 Ecological Responses to Climate Change 15
BIO3420 Evolutionary Biology of Health and Disease 15
BIO3421 Animal Migration 15
BIO3422 Animal Cognition 15
BIO3426 Primate Biology and Conservation 15
BIO3428 The Complexity of Human Societies 15
BIO3433 Ocean Management and Conservation 15
BIO3434 Major Transitions in Evolutionary History 15
CSC4011M Living with Environmental Change 15
CSC4013M Frontiers of Global Health 15
GEO3467 Human-Animal Interactions 15
MTH3045 Mathematics for Environment and Sustainability 15
GEO3455 Marine Climate and Environmental Change 15