30 credits of compulsory modules, at least 60 credits of optional modules and up to 30 credits of elective modules.

You must select at least four optional modules from the list below. The remaining 30 credits will usually also be taken from the list below. However, exceptionally, up to 30 credits may instead be taken from other relevant University modules, for which you have the necessary pre-requisites, and with agreement with your Personal Tutor.

Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
NSC2001 Frontiers in Science 2 30

Optional modules


CodeModule Credits
NatSci BSc-MSci Stage 2 optional modules 2019-0
BIO2076 Ecology and Environment 15
BIO2085 Structure and Reactivity of Organic Compounds II 15
BIO2088 Advanced Cell Biology 15
BIO2090 Analytical Techniques in Biochemistry 15
BIO2091 Bioinorganic Chemistry 15
BIO2092 Genomics and Introductory Bioinformatics 15
MTH2003 Differential Equations 15
MTH2004 Vector Calculus and Applications 15
NSC2002 Physical Chemistry 15
NSC2003 Introduction to Numerics and Simulation for Scientists 15
PHY2021 Electromagnetism I 15
PHY2022 Quantum Mechanics I 15
PHY2023 Thermal Physics 15
PHY2024 Condensed Matter I 15
PHY2029 The Physics of Living Systems 15
PHY2030 Observing the Universe 15