60 credits of compulsory modules and 60 credits of optional or elective modules (including NSCM002)

Elective modules may be taken from other relevant Masters level (level 7) University modules for which you have the necessary pre-requisites, and with agreement with your Personal Tutor. You must select a total of 120 credits at Masters level (level 7). An indicative list of optional modules is provided below but this list is not exhaustive and you are encouraged to look at the range of modules on offer across the University.

Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
NSCM001 MSci Research Project 2 60

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
NatSci MSci Stage 4 optional modules 2018/9
BIOM514 Secondary Metabolites 15
BIOM515 Cellular Basis of Immunity 15
BIOM516 Bioinformatics 15
BIOM517 Energy Metabolism 15
NSCM002 MSci Research Project 2 Extension 15
NSCM005 Mathematical Modelling in Biology and Medicine 15
NSCM006 Advanced Topics in Natural Sciences Chemistry I 15
NSCM007 Advanced Topics in Natural Sciences Chemistry II 15
ECMM718U Dynamical Systems and Chaos 15
ECMM719U Fluid Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans 15
ECMM725U The Climate System 15
ECMM730U Waves, Instability and Turbulence 15
ECMM731U Magnetic Fields and Fluid Flows 15
PHYM002 Quantum Mechanics II 15
PHYM008 Physical Methods in Biology and Medicine 15
PHYM003 Condensed Matter II 15
PHYM012 Solar and Extra-Solar Planets and Their Atmospheres 15