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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) enable businesses to improve effectiveness and productivity by accessing new knowledge and expertise.

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A&P Falmouth

A&P Falmouth

A&P Falmouth

The University of Exeter and major ship repair and engineering services provider A&P Falmouth Ltd have created a mutually beneficial relationship that improves business, supports novel research, and promotes community growth. 

The collaborative efforts of the two organisations have seen numerous projects including one to test a revolutionary device that can generate renewable power from the movement of a ship.

This technology has wide-reaching applications, and with successful development could reduce the environmental impact of shipping while providing unique products for A&P Falmouth to install.  

Working with the University of Exeter has proved to be incredibly beneficial for A&P Falmouth. We have established ourselves as leaders in the marine renewables sector and hope to make this a permanent feature for the South West with continued collaboration with Exeter. We have enjoyed the work we have done with Exeter and look forward to developing many more exciting projects with the university

Paul Weston, Renewable Energy Technical Manager at A&P Falmouth

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Exeter helped to identify A&P’s role in the renewable energy market place, assisting in the discovery of A&P’s key role in the sector both within the shipyard and externally within the renewable energy community.

A&P is now the leading renewable Fabricator and Engineering Services provider in the South West and is working with several device developers both in the UK and Overseas. This includes Seatricity Ltd who have moved to Cornwall to develop and build their first full scale device, Oceanus 2, with A&P and which will go onto Wave Hub this year.

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