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Liliana Poggio Colman with a leatherback turtle

Public invited to quiz sea turtle experts

Top scientists will answer your questions about sea turtles in a live online Q&A on Friday (June 8).

To mark of World Oceans Day, University of Exeter researchers will take questions from 2:30-3pm in an event broadcast on Facebook.

The experts will include Professor Brendan Godley, one of the coordinators of Exeter’s world-leading turtle research group.

Alongside him will be PhD student Emily Duncan, an expert on turtles and plastic pollution, who will begin a voyage across the Pacific later this month to study the impact of micro-plastics.

Also on the panel will be PhD student Liliana Poggio Colman, who specialises in leatherback turtles in Brazil.

“People love sea turtles and so do we, and we want to share that enthusiasm,” said Professor Godley.

“Turtles are amazing creatures that swim across vast areas, experiencing all the threats the oceans have to offer.

“They are perfect ambassadors for the oceans, and we hope to share some fascinating facts about them with people taking part in our Q&A.”

Liliana Poggio Colman said: “We use research to help us know more about these enigmatic creatures and use this to better protect them.

“Satellite tracking has been helping us to understand more about migration and movements, and also the threats that leatherbacks face during their journeys.”

Emily Duncan said: “We would like to share our knowledge about these wonderful animals, as well as their threats for survival.

“Our research has given us indications on the extent marine plastics may be effecting marine turtles through macro and micro-plastic ingestion, entanglement and changes to key habitats such as nesting beaches.

“By holding a Q&A we hope to raise more awareness of the threat of marine plastics as well as the numerous others that marine turtles are facing globally today.”

To submit a question or watch the Q&A live on Friday, find World Oceans Day: Sea Turtle Q&A on Facebook.

Date: 5 June 2018

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