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The University of Exeter stand will be open for all three days of the Royal Cornwall Show, which takes place in Wadebridge on 7, 8, and 9 June.

University of Exeter to showcase research at Royal Cornwall Show

Students and staff from the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus will be at the Royal Cornwall Show again this year to showcase research taking place in Cornwall.

Through interactive displays and hands-on activities, visitors will learn about research from various fields in a fun and family-friendly way.

Staff from the Renewable Energy department will be at the University’s stand with a “Renewable Energy House” which demonstrates how energy can be created and also stored in an interactive way.  It shows how every home has the potential to generate its own sustainable power, thus helping the environment.

It has a wind turbine, solar cells, a hydro turbine and also a hydrogen fuel cell attached to show how a mix of these energy sources is an exciting possibility for our future. Visitors are invited to conduct tests on each source to generate power to light up the house. They’ll learn how effective each source of energy is, how this can then be stored and find out more about the technologies which will meet the increased demand on power across the world.

Richard Cochrane, Director of Education for Renewable Energy says: Within the Renewable Energy department at Penryn Campus we have world leading research into Offshore Renewable Energy, PV and Solar technology and energy storage. Our aim is to create a more sustainable society and continually push innovation through understanding and growth in the industry. This research is aligned directly with our teaching, so our students get the opportunity to learn alongside expert lecturers and be immersed in the subject as it evolves.”

Meanwhile, visitors will be encouraged to try their hand at gold panning, a traditional mining technique that has been used to separate minerals since Roman times. It is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to extract Gold and other minerals from waste material. Experts from the Camborne School of Mines will be on hand to share their knowledge of the mining and extractive industry and its importance to our economy, especially with demands on various elements for use in smartphones and other technologies.

For budding scientists, our microbiologists will give you the chance to investigate laboratory organisms that are being used right at the cutting edge of current science. We will also explore how we use them to understand the impacts of climate change on our planet.

With fun games to test your ability to spot camouflaged creatures, or to catch a fast-moving dazzle bug, there’s the opportunity to learn about the ecology and evolution of animal coloration and why animals look the way they do.

One of our most popular interactive displays to date is our “Augmented Reality Sandbox” which combines a real sandbox with virtual projections. Visitors are invited to come and create their own landscape in the sand while a simulated map, including water flow and contour lines, responds to the changing model in real-time.

The University of Exeter stand will be open for all three days of the Royal Cornwall Show, which takes place in Wadebridge on 7, 8, and 9 June.

Date: 29 May 2018

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