Student Guild election campaigning

Record breaking election turnout

A record breaking 5742 students voted in last week’s University of Exeter Students’ Guild sabbatical elections (36% of students).

The FXU elections in Cornwall also recorded their highest turnout, with 1458 votes cast (34.9% of students). 41% of Exeter students on the Cornwall campus voted.   

Jonnie Beddall will be President of the Students’ Guild in Exeter and Kristy Wallace will be the University of Exeter Cornwall Campus President.  See full results on the Guild website and FXU website.

The Students’ Guild is capitalising on the record turnout to launch a campaign encouraging students to register to vote in this year’s General Election. Students will also have the opportunity to quiz Exeter’s parliamentary candidates on student issues in a question and answer session at 7pm on Friday 19 March.

The Students’ Guild is also extending its campaign to the local community in recognition that key issues for students also affect the families of school and college-age children who hope to go to University in the future.

Turnout of 36% in last week’s Guild elections compares with an average 39% turnout across England in last year’s local elections. It beats last year’s record 34% turnout in the Guild elections which was the highest Student Union election figure nationally and helped Exeter gain the 2009 NUS Participation Award. Average turnout in Students’ Union elections is 13%.

Date: 4 March 2010

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