Schedule for the day – Friday, August 11 2017

What's on?

Time Activity

Why do animals have friends?
Dr Kelly Moyes spent many years studying social animals in the field and will be asking why animals rely on friends to survive.


Why do animals have weapons?
Professor Dave Hosken is an expert in animal weaponry. He will be asking why animals from triceratops to termites develop teeth, claws, stings and horns that allow them to become deadly fighters.


Why burn fossil fuels?
Dr Kev Hughes is a lecturer in renewable energy. He will be talking about how we can use the power of the wind, sun and waves as an alternative to using fossil fuels.


Why do sea turtles cross oceans?
Professor Annette Broderick is a marine conservation scientist, with a particular interest in turtles. She uses satellites to track their movements across the planet to understand more about how they live their lives.

Interactive zones run by our experts

Bone zone: Discover skulls and skeletons, find out how limbs work and attempt the skeleton challenge.
Marine zone: Meet the weird and wonderful rocky-shore inhabitants that live right here in Falmouth.
Live zone: Get up close and personal with wild animals! Hold a cockroach and meet the other bugs and beasties that we study in our labs and find out what barn owls eat by dissecting their pellets.
Mini beast zone: Learn to use a microscope and explore the magical mini-beasts of a garden pond.
Earth zone: Join our renewable energy engineers, geologists and miners as they explore alternatives to burning fossil fuels to meet the ever-growing energy demand of human beings and learn about the resources from the world around us that can help us do this. See the technologies in action, try them for yourself and find out how they work.
Craft zone: Get creative at our craft table with painting, colouring, mask making and face-painting, plus a free bouncy castle!
Adventure zone: Immerse yourself in the incredible adventures scientists go on all around the world, from the African plains to the deepest, darkest Bornean jungle.