Schedule for the day – Friday, August 12 2016

What if?

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What if there were no bees?
Bees are nature’s unsung heroes and are vital pollinators for our food chain. Dr Ros Shaw studies the relationship between plants and insects, and how bees affect the food we eat.


What if there was no moon?
Dr Jamie Shutler is an ocean scientist who uses satellites and computers to investigate the sea. He will talk about how the moon helps animals to navigate, how it controls the tides in our oceans, and even how it influences our weather!


What if dinosaurs still existed?
Dr Alex Thornton is an animal behaviour expert- he studies the way that animals think and learn. He will talk about how different our daily lives would be if dinosaurs still roamed planet Earth!


What if humans didn’t help each other?
Dr Shakti Lamba studies the evolution of cooperation and culture in humans. She works with societies in India to understand more about why humans behave the way they do.

Interactive zones run by our experts

Bone zone: Discover skulls and skeletons, find out how limbs work and attempt the skeleton challenge.
Marine zone: Meet the weird and wonderful rocky-shore inhabitants that live right here in Falmouth.
Live zone: Get up close and personal with wild animals, including giant land snails, chameleons and our pet tarantula (called Bella!). Hold a cockroach and meet the other bugs and beasties that we study in our labs.
Mini beast zone: Learn to use a microscope and explore the magical mini-beasts of a garden pond.
Earth zone: See the amazing ways that scientists monitor the natural Earth, chat to scientists who have studied Iceland's volcanoes and look at some of the ash from a recent eruption.
Craft zone: Get creative at our craft table with painting, colouring, mask making and face-painting, plus a free bouncy castle!
Adventure zone: Immerse yourself in the incredible adventures scientists go on all around the world, from the African plains to the deepest, darkest Bornean jungle.