Catrin Jones, BSc Geography

Student profile

“I decided to study at the University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus because it has the best combination of location, people and education that anywhere could offer.

The location was a massive draw; the nearest beach is never far away. If you were considering studying here I would definitely explore the area beforehand. The Cornwall Campus and the surrounding areas have so much to offer, it’s hard to know where to start. There's always something new to try and different places to explore, whether it’s a new sport or an idyllic isolated cave to camp in, not to mention the countless pubs, I never struggle to find somewhere I’ve never been before.

The huge diversity of students on campus means there’s never a dull moment and you’ll never feel out of place. The friendly, relaxed and laid-back vibe on campus creates a great space to both work and socialise. With the campus being small, it’s easy to find your way around and not be scared to approach any of the students.

As part of the Student Campus Partnership scheme, I’ve gained invaluable work experience which will be very advantageous towards my career prospects. As an intern, I’ve worked alongside staff in the employability department, being given hands-on tasks that have made a difference. I've also had a chance to host talks with the UK’s top employers, which are also accredited towards the Exeter Award. The Exeter Award is a great opportunity to enhance the vital skills that employers look for in a graduate and therefore make you stand out.”
Catrin Jones, BSc Geography, Cornwall Campus