Fredrik Bolinder, BA Politics and International Studies

Student profile

“The Cornwall Campus has many advantages over the bigger Exeter campuses. Most importantly, we have great academics and can approach them at any time for help with any issues. All the students know the lecturers very well and vice versa. The Politics department has been enormously successful because of this and continues to have a personal feel, despite more students and academics joining.

The campus was a major factor in my decision to study here. There are several great aspects to student life in Cornwall, but perhaps the greatest benefit to studying here is that you are never more than ten minutes away from the sea, which is great for both inspiration and fun.

The Cornwall Campus has a diverse and engaging student body. Most of all, though, everyone is friendly and welcoming. No matter what year you're in or degree you're studying, everyone knows everyone and wouldn’t hesitate a second to support or help anyone who feels down or left out.

When it comes to extracurricular activities, no one matches the Cornwall Campus. During my three years here I’ve been President of the Politics Society, Chairman of the Debating Union, Co-Chairman of the Student Council, Representative on the Student Staff Liaison Committee and Student Mentor to new students. All the students here are eager to engage in various societies and clubs and often get strong support from the different academic departments. The Politics Society here is perhaps one of the best societies and hosts a great range of activities such as current affairs discourse meetings and great social nights out in Falmouth.

Choosing the University of Exeter Cornwall Campus has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have met inspirational people and made friends for life. I am confident that my experience here will support me through all stages of my life to come.”
Fredrik Bolinder, BA Politics and International Studies, Cornwall Campus