Graham Barclay, BA English

Student profile

“I fell in love with the truly magical place that is Cornwall when I came to view the campus on an Offer-Holder Visit Day. It suits my personality to a tee, with the area's natural tranquility, the vibrancy of nocturnal Falmouth and obviously the very interesting degree programme that was offered here.

The location provides you with a much needed sense of peace and calm when you are amidst the manic chaos of work and deadlines. It is the perfect backdrop to a busy yet enjoyable lifestyle.

The vibe that exists here is one of relaxed electricity; a steady yet understated buzz that everyone on campus helps to conduct.

I personally enjoy seminars the most as I love the intellectual climate that thrives therein. The academics are fantastic too; they encourage debate and generate ideas by prompting things you know but don’t always want to voice.

I am currently the Chief Editor of Flex, the student newspaper here, which is great to put on my CV as I intend to go into investigative journalism upon graduation. I hope to get an anthology of poetry I am currently writing published by the end of next year, and when I graduate I intend to move to South Africa where I want to work as an investigative journalist exposing political corruption, social crises, and economic calamities in the hope of giving something back to my homeland.

The University of Exeter's Cornwall Campus has been the single greatest experience of my life so far. I have made friends here who I will be socialising with well into my old age, I am doing a degree I am passionate about, I live in the best part of the UK and, on top of that, I am lucky enough to find inspiration for my poetry every single day.”
Graham Barclay, BA English, Cornwall Campus