Jack Boyle, BSc Zoology

Student profile

“When choosing universities, I based all my selections on the course content. The BSc Zoology degree at the University of Exeter Cornwall Campus was structured well and provided a great range of areas to specialise in. The fact that the University of Exeter is a leading research university was of great appeal and – combined with its being a top 10 rated university – made it a place I wanted to study.

After visiting, I realised how important location was. The campus blends into its environment, combining new buildings with existing beautiful habitats. Falmouth is where most students live, and offers a pleasant atmosphere during day and night. For anyone who wants to experience a different lifestyle from a city campus, this is the place to be; if you don’t believe me, visit it yourself.

I enjoy studying here; I'm taught by lecturers who are leading researchers, my course provides me with opportunities that I wouldn't otherwise have had, and the learning environment is of the highest standard. As a campus, its vibe is unique: the arts and academic sides are combined in a way that enhances the area. The campus feels very much like a community. Being relatively small, it's easy to navigate and means each student feels comfortable within their learning environment.

The Biosciences department is outstanding. The courses are heavily field-based, providing students a unique learning experience by developing practical skills outside of the lecture theatre, travelling to different parts of the world (Cyprus, South Africa and Kenya) to apply their knowledge. However, this would not be possible if not for the excellent academic staff who are all leading researchers, resulting in students being involved in current and meaningful research.

My experiences here have improved each year. I've seen myself grow in many ways and owe this partly to the many opportunities that the University has provided me. It's not just a place for learning, but for growth and fun; to attend such a renowned university and not utilise every opportunity it provides would be foolish.”
Jack Boyle, BSc Zoology, Cornwall Campus