Matthew McLeod, BEng Mining Engineering, Cornwall Campus

Student profile

“Location was irrelevant to me but to anyone who’s considering full time education; where else but Cornwall? It's beautiful and the social life is outstanding!

There’s a real diversity of students here, of all ages, studying a vast range of subjects all together in one place. It’s a celebration of varying cultures, beliefs, ethnicities and ages, and the atmosphere is pretty mellow really.

I’ve wanted to study at the Camborne School of Mines (CSM) all of my adult life. The staff are supportive, and approachable. The course attracts a disproportionate number of brilliant students and the prospects are unparalleled. Anywhere!

My vacation work placement was in a gold mine in Canada. I learned so much, had an amazing time, it paid me loads and I came home with multiple job offers. Need I say more?

I'm in the enviable position of choosing a career path with several solid offers on the table already. I’m in my third year, and know that many more options will open to me before I graduate. I’m not sure who I will decide to work for, or where in the world I’ll decide to live. However, what I do know is that my career will be fascinating, my CSM-taught skills will be in great demand, and salary will be higher than it’s been in the twenty years since I left school.

As a mature student, I’d like to say a few words to anyone who’s considering a return to education. I was intimidated and concerned that I wasn’t smart enough to cope with what I knew to be one of the most demanding degrees available today. I’m now a third-year student, on target for a great degree with honours and absolutely loving my time here. If you have a hankering to change your life, your career and your future, then do it.”
Matthew McLeod, BEng Mining Engineering, Cornwall Campus