Samantha Andrews, BSc Conservation Biology and Ecology with Study Abroad

Student profile

“The course at the University of Exeter Cornwall Campus was unique in the UK, and diverse enough to give me a wide range of experience. The study abroad option appealed to me greatly, and the location was absolutely vital, as I don't like being far from the ocean. Some of the best advice I can give is to explore Cornwall fully. It is a wonderful county, and it's great to get out of Penryn and Falmouth!

The University community, although small, is extremely varied. It's great being able to mix with dancers, scientists, miners, etc. It's a blend which creates a great feeling of community, and a spirit which is friendly, warm, and welcoming.

All the staff are very supportive and helpful, and you're treated like an individual, not just ‘one of the herd’. The field trips are fantastic and offer a great way to explore Cornwall and areas further afield.

Being a mature student, it was daunting going back to education. However, both staff and students were extremely supportive and very quickly the age gap and lack of skills became insignificant. The financial implications of returning to university were equally daunting, but I was able to save up a significant sum in the years prior to entering university and with some very careful (and tight) budgeting, and taking on work, I have been able to support myself.

I took my study abroad year in Canada which was absolutely incredible. I was able to live and work in a new country, and explore its amazing natural beauty in ways that I wouldn't have been able to if I'd simply been there on holiday. I was also able to specialise in areas of my choosing, rather than being dictated to by course requirements, making the learning experience second to none.”
Samantha Andrews, Conservation Biology and Ecology with Study Abroad, Cornwall Campus