The University processes personal data about students to fulfil our contractual, regulatory and legal obligations. To enable the University to provide additional services we require consent to use personal data in this way. During the annual registration process you will have provided a response to each consent statement.

You have the right to change your mind, the following information provides details on what you need to do to update or remove your consent during the year.

Sharing data with former school/college

We may notify your previous school or college of your enrolment at the University of Exeter, this enables them to promote where their students have gone on to, request former students to attend and encourage younger students to consider aiming for a place at the University of Exeter.

To change your consent options please confirm in writing to Dr Karl Devincenzi,

Please be aware if you are removing previously given consent and we have already shared some information with your school or college we will notify them of the change. The University is not responsible for any action your former school or college may have already taken with previously provided data, therefore you may wish to contact the school or college in question if you have any concerns.

Communications from the University

While you are a student and/or Alumni here we will send you news about the University and information about your programme of study on a regular basis.

We would also like to send you regular marketing information about opportunities available at the University, such as careers and postgraduate fairs, funding, sport, voluntary work, and job opportunities. We take your privacy seriously and won’t share your details to be used in this way with any external or third parties.

Communications could come from various departments in the University including Communications and Marketing, and Alumni Relations, and will usually take the form of emails, but could include phone calls for some alumni related activities.

All communications will have a link to enable you to unsubscribe from that mailing list at any time, you can also change some preferences within specific systems about the types of communications you receive including;

To start receiving these or to remove yourself completely from all marketing communications please confirm in writing to . Please be aware you may continue to receive some communications whilst systems are updated.

Text Messaging

If you have given us your mobile phone number then we might text you with important information - for example, letting you know when lectures have been cancelled.

You can find further information and change your preferences on our IT web pages:

Effective Learning Analytics

Effective Learning Analytics uses modern data science methods to combine data ‘big data’ about 1000s of other students at the University of Exeter with your data in order to achieve two important outcomes to support your learning:

  1. to allow you to monitor in detail your own academic progress; and
  2. to enable selected staff (e.g. your tutor) to offer informed support and to make specific recommendations that will enable you to make the best of your academic experience.

In order to offer this support to your learning, the University would use information about your achievements, your attendance and your engagement with University systems and would analyse these with respect to your personal data such as school, pre-University qualifications, ethnicity, demographic background, access needs and health data. We believe that using your data in this way will allow us to give you the best possible support in your education; however, you are free to decline permission for the University to use your data in this way.

More information is available on the website at which includes details on how to change your consent at any time.

Further information about the Learning Analytics project is available at