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Information for school pupils and teachers

Degree Apprenticeships offer an alternative cost-effective way of obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree whilst gaining invaluable work experience.

Students undertaking a degree apprenticeship will combine working with part-time study at university. The amount of time students spend with their employer or at university will depend on the programme, however students will stay employed with their employer for the full length of their degree apprenticeship.

Degree apprenticeships are awarded by the relevant university and are equivalent to degrees earned via the full-time undergraduate route.

What are the advantages of degree apprenticeships?

  • Those undertaking a Degree Apprenticeship will earn a full bachelor’s or master’s without having to pay student fees
  • Students will receive a paid wage from their employer throughout their degree apprenticeship
  • Students will gain hands on work experience in their chosen career and therefore gain a head start in that field
  • Training costs are funded by the employer and the government.

How are degree apprenticeships different from degrees with a year in industry?

  • Degree apprentices are paid and employed throughout the whole duration of their study
  • Degree apprentices are more likely to stay with their chosen company after completing their degree programme
  • Unlike students on full-time degrees that offer a year in industry, degree apprentices have no student fees.

How long do degree apprenticeships take to complete?

Degree Apprenticeships can take between three to six years to complete; this will depend on whether students are undertaking a bachelor’s or master’s degree. 

How do you apply for a degree apprenticeship?

As apprenticeships are jobs, students will need to find employment with an employer who is supportive of degree apprenticeships. However, some employers and universities will jointly advertise their vacancies.

You can find all the current vacancies for opportunities with the University of Exeter on our undergraduate programme pages by following the links on the right hand tab.

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You can find out more information, including advice on applying for degree apprenticeships, on the UCAS website.