Philanthropic support

Supporting research into Dementia prevention, treatment and care is a key element of our ‘Making the Exceptional Happen’ fundraising campaign.

Making the Exceptional Happen’ is the University of Exeter’s most ambitious philanthropy campaign to date, aiming to raise £60 million and 60,000 volunteering hours by 2020.

More than 44 million people have dementia worldwide – a number expected to triple by 2050 - dementia is one of the greatest health challenges of our time. Your support will help us to increase the impact of Exeter’s Medical School, accelerating discovery in the risks, diagnosis and care of people with dementia – and developing new treatments and preventions.

Learn more about the Campaign and how to get involved on our dedicated website.

“As former World Dementia Envoy, I care passionately about addressing the challenge of dementia. With the global cost of care expected to reach over $1 trillion by 2030, we must continue to do more. We need early and accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and improved care and support to avoid serious economic and social impacts.

Mireille and I, through our foundation, are proud to be founding donors of the University of Exeter Medical School. As an Exeter graduate, I have found my continuing involvement with the University to be very rewarding. With your support, the University of Exeter Medical School can advance its multi-faceted research, directly benefitting those whose lives are touched by dementia.

Together we can tackle this global challenge.”

Dr Dennis Gillings, CBE