Engineering inspections and insurance

Engineering inspections are an essential aspect of ensuring that your plant and machinery are safe to use. It is a statutory requirement that certain items of equipment and plant are inspected. The Zurich Engineering website can give you more information on which items need to be inspected.

Where it is a statutory requirement that equipment and plant is inspected, the Insurance, Audit and Risk team arrange the inspection through our insurer. You will be contacted by either:

  • An inspector from Zurich Insurance where the item is used exclusively by you, or
  • Campus Services where the item is used for communal purposes eg, a lift. 

After the inspection, you will be issued with a report confirming whether the item has passed or requires remedial action to enable it to pass. Further inspections will be diarised automatically.

Items of equipment and plant that have failed an inspection or have not had an inspection undertaken within the statutory timeframe must be clearly identified by placing notices on the item instructing that it must not be used.

You can add or remove an item from the engineering inspection schedule by completing the Add or remove an item from the engineering form and emailing it to Insurance, Audit & Risk.