Terms and conditions

Our promise

We take our customer obligations seriously and utilize over 30 years experience in the print industry. Our passion ensures that our customers receive the top quality service they deserve. What we will do for you:

  • Print & Copy Services staff are trained to a high-standard to ensure that we can provide a comprehensive solution to all requests.
  • We will provide a range of options for our customer so that requests can be completed for a range of costs and service-lead times.
  • Ensure that charges are clear, concise and correct.
  • Deal with any complaints sensitively, professionally and quickly.

Terms and conditions

All requests must be submitted in the following manner, failure to do so will cause your request to be delayed and in some circumstances refused:

  • All files and copies submitted will be regarded as "print ready" without need for adjustment. Any spelling mistakes, missing images, reflow of text will be solely the responsibility of the customers.
  • Although we can accept many types of file we suggest customers use PDFs as they are less prone to font and image degradation when used on computers they were not created on.
  • Hard copy submissions must be submitted loose-leaved, staples and binding comb removed (with a bulldog or paper clip holding where required) and removed from plastic wallets if supplied in a file or binder.


Print & Copy Services holds no responsibility for material printed. It is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all print requests submitted meet legislation regarding such areas as libel, copyright and other publication and media guidelines.

By submitting your print request you agree to our terms and conditions set out in this policy and that you agree to pay for time and materials used in attempting to complete your request. Should any customer fail to pay, Print & Copy Services reserves the right to recover these appropriate costs. You will be notified of any such action prior to cost recovery.