About us

Strategic Marketing helps the university make good business and investment decisions on the basis of customer and market data, producing marketing strategies and then delivering tactical campaigns at both a College and Corporate levels to achieve business objectives.
As well as student recruitment and portfolio development, marketing strategies are increasingly focused around reputation management and positioning.

Strategic Marketing operates at all stages of university business and is involved in:

  • Market and customer analysis (including competitor benchmarking)
  • Market forecasting
  • Student recruitment numbers / planning
  • Programme development
  • Reputation management (including ‘brand’)
  • Campaign planning, management and delivery (commissioning marketing materials from other CAMS teams)
  • Campaign evaluation

In terms of team structure, there are five Heads of Communications of Marketing who both face Colleges (acting as a Marketing Consultant for them) and also look after a strategic ‘theme’. Working to them are Campaign Managers and Marketing Officers who plan and deliver marketing campaigns based on strategy. Campaign Managers and Marketing Officers can be ‘embedded’ within Colleges or work on corporate themes.

The Strategic Marketing team offers advice on all aspects of marketing and can be contacted for help with:

  • Market and student numbers / trends (both Exeter and competitors)
  • Programme development (competitor programmes, trends etc) and pricing
  • Marketing planning
  • Branding and identity
  • All aspects of tactical marketing 

College Heads of Communications and Marketing

The Head of Communications and Marketing for the College of Humanities is Ian Watson.

Tel: 01392 722685
Email: i.watson@exeter.ac.uk

The Head of Communications and Marketing for SISS is Emma Reeve (interim).

Tel: 01392 724839
Email: E.L.Reeve@exeter.ac.uk

The Head of Communications and Marketing for the Business School is Lisa Bates.

Tel: 01392 726275
Email: L.J.Cooksey@exeter.ac.uk

The Head of Communications and Marketing for the Medical School is Helen Freeman.

Tel: 01392 72 3241
Email: H.S.Freeman@exeter.ac.uk

College Campaign Managers

The Campaign Manager for CEMPS is Tom Stevenson.

Tel: 01392 723113
Email: T.P.Stevenson@exeter.ac.uk

The Campaign Manager for the College of Humanities is Sian Williams (maternity cover)

Email: S.Williams4@exeter.ac.uk

The Campaign Manager for CLES is Ben May.

Tel: 01392 723139
Email: B.A.May@exeter.ac.uk

The Campaign Manager for SISS is Jenna Richards.

Tel: 01392 723771
Email: Jenna.Richards@exeter.ac.uk

The Campaign Manager for the Medical School is Zoe Rutterford.

Tel: 01392 723776
Email: Z.M.Rutterford@exeter.ac.uk

The Campaign Manager for International Conversion is Clare Frank.

Tel: 01392 724293
Email: C.L.Frank2@exeter.ac.uk

The Campaign Manager for Innovation, Impact and Business is Alona Cherkassky

Email: A.Cherkassky@exeter.ac.uk