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Market Research

Market Research

Market Research

We are an in-house market research team / consultancy with a broad and varied remit. Our mission is to provide market insight and intelligence to inform business decision making across the University. We could be discussing our new prospectus designs with prospective undergraduates one day and analysing the data from a staff survey the next.

What we do

Much of our work is in-house. We manage surveys, run focus groups and conduct secondary research. We also co-ordinate projects with external research agencies in instances where there’s a need, such as a specialist target audience, or when fieldwork is conducted internationally.

How we work

We have expertise in both quantitative and qualitative methods. We typically use quantitative methodologies, like surveys, to generate reliable data sets where we need robust numbers to be confident in our findings. We use qualitative approaches such as focus groups to answer more complex research questions and gain in-depth understanding of issues. We also make use of secondary data sources, such as HESA, and conduct desk research to help us understand the market.

Our clients

Approximately one half of our work is connected in some way to student recruitment, whether that is understanding the prospective student decision making journey, evaluating an Open Day or portfolio development. Additionally, we conduct regular and ad hoc work for many other Departments and Services across the University, including Residential Services, HR and the Guild. Recently we have started working with academics that previously would outsource market research activities to external agencies.

Who we are

We have two full-time and one part time researcher, plus a full time data analyst in the team.

Marketing Research and Data Manager

I have oversight of the annual market research plan and am responsible for the provision of market research activities to provide management information to support the development of the University’s strategies, programmes and services. My work crosses numerous departments and services. I am also the University’s key contact for the National Student Survey (NSS).

I joined the University in 2011 having worked in the market research sector since 2002.

Phone: 01392 72 3769

Market Research Manager

My responsibilities include the management of the University’s continuous quantitative surveys. These are online questionnaires targeted at our decliners, insurers, accepters and ultimately our new arrivals at the end of Welcome Week.

I manage several qualitative projects, such as focus groups to investigate the decision making journey of prospective students. I also look after a wide range of ad-hoc projects.

I joined the University in 2007, having worked in market and media research since 1999.

Phone: 01392 725501

Market Research Officer

Phone: 01392 725692

Data Analyst

My primary focus is to provide secondary data and intelligence to inform business thinking. I have extensive knowledge in the application of Excel workbooks and in the construction of and maintenance of the business intelligence tool QlikView, giving users the unique ability to interrogate data including HESA and Competitor Analysis.

I joined the University in 2011, having previously worked as a Data Analyst at the Devon and Cornwall Police.

Phone: 01392 72 2686