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Welcome to the Agile Community of Practice. We champion open and transparent discussion - sharing challenges and successes in adopting Agile ways of working. All colleagues are welcome to join.

  • Vision - Using Agile to modernise the digital landscape of the University of Exeter through continuous learning and innovation.
  • Mission - Our mission is to foster a collaborative environment where individuals are empowered to drive agile transformation.
  • Purpose - We aim to create a safe and inclusive space where everyone can contribute, experiment, and grow.

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We offer regular training, workshops, and resources:

Agile Champions:
Are you passionate about Agile principles, practices, and mindset? Consider becoming an Agile Champion in our community. You'll be a role model who shares knowledge and experiences with others, encouraging continuous learning and improvement. The role offers the development of leadership skills, networking opportunities, and contributing to the overall success of the Digital University of Exeter. 

Agile Training:
We offer a range of training sessions. By taking part in these sessions, members can acquire new competencies and improve their ability to implement Agile practices effectively. Gain higher productivity, better collaboration, and improved outcomes for projects and teams.

Agile Workshops:
Our Agile Coaches run interactive workshops. Participate in practical exercises, group discussions, and collaborative problem-solving. Apply Agile concepts to real-world situations. Active involvement in these workshops leads to faster learning, increased confidence in Agile practices, and stronger community connections. 

Lean Coffee Meetups:
Join our relaxed Lean Coffee meetups to share and learn from one another. Access the collective wisdom of the community, find creative solutions to your problems, and develop meaningful relationships.


Coming soon! The Design Community of Practice.