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About Global Partnerships

The Global Partnerships team is responsible for the development and implementation of the University’s strategy regarding high impact relationships with high performing universities around the world, and for initiating, nurturing and extending these highly strategic relationships. We work closely within the University to join up activity at both operational and strategic levels to develop focused collaborations and activities such as Study Abroad partners, research project partners, recruitment partners, and curriculum enhancement relationships. The team lead on producing the annual evaluation of progress and benefit against the University Global strategy

Long term strategic partnerships can link with, and develop from, more targeted partnerships with academic, governmental, non-governmental, and private sector entities around specific thematic programmes and projects.  It may be possible for Exeter and its strategic partners in different parts of the world to link together in global, thematic networks to address global challenges.

Strategic partnerships work to identify a critical mass of research links with reputable institutions, and provide clear collaborative opportunities, developing strengths in research, reputation and recruitment internationally. Access to directional funding provides resource to pursue research with academics housed at targeted strategic partners, without which may not otherwise reach their potential. Having centrally supported strategic partners also relieves funding within college internationalisation budgets to continue to support organic academic links growing collaboration with institutions and potential partners of the future.

Strategic partners also promote multidisciplinary collaboration through thematic approaches creating impactful fourth age research responding to the ‘big questions’. In turn producing REF quality research and increasing opportunities to access international funding.