Our Vision

It is our vision to become a truly global institution by extending our presence, reach and impact around the world.

We will achieve this through international excellence in research, and by offering a world-leading student experience, bringing opportunities to all students and colleagues, and equipping graduates of distinction for success in the global workplace, as well as developing a global culture across our campuses.

We will build upon our existing international partnerships, as well as forging new relationships to consolidate and facilitate collaboration. Through this activity, we will be well-placed to achieve our aspiration of becoming a sustainable global top 100 institution.

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In January 2019, we launched our new Global Strategy, setting out how we will move from being a top UK university to a truly global institution. To be the kind of university we aspire to be, and to achieve the aims and ambitions of our Corporate Strategy Making the Exceptional Happen, we need to extend our global presence, reach and impact.

Being a global university will not only enhance the international opportunities available to our staff and students, but also increase our financial security, our reputation, and our resilience – enabling the University to continue to flourish during uncertain times. Building our international reputation is key to achieving our aspiration to become a sustainable global top 100 institution, helping us to attract world-class staff and the best international students.

International excellence in research and impact is absolutely critical to our success. Increased collaboration with the best researchers and networks across the world will open up new funding opportunities and enable us to carry out even more exciting, top quality research to tackle global research challenges. Evidence also shows that collaborative publications with international partners have a higher citation impact, increasing recognition of the value and quality of the work our researchers do.

Firmly establishing Exeter as a top global institution will help us to offer a world-leading student experience and will enhance worldwide opportunities for our students, creating graduates of distinction who are equipped for success in the global workplaces of the future.

We have already forged strategic partnerships with leading universities in other countries; the QUEX Institute has been established with the University of Queensland, and the ENSURE programme with the Chinese University of Hong Kong. We are looking at the best ways to use our myriad of links with European universities to consolidate and facilitate collaboration and access to funding post-Brexit. We are also concentrating on developing our links in North America, and establishing new relationships to take forward high impact research in South Africa and Latin America.

A key element of this Strategy is to broaden our reach by bringing together our different activities: collaborative research, student recruitment, alumni engagement and institutional partnerships (with universities, NGOs, government, and business and industry). We will use  the Strategy to ensure that the range of overseas activity is fully coordinated within each country we work in, bringing together individual, departmental, College and institutional activity to meet our combined priorities and objectives for that area.

At home, we will develop a global culture on our campuses, attracting more international staff and students and providing cultural enrichment for all our students and staff. Increased internationalisation will be reflected in how we develop our campuses, our facilities, our programmes and our communications. The Global Strategy covers education and research, impact and employability, and will draw on all of our Colleges and Professional Services. All elements of the University will have a part to play in this ambitious new Strategy.