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Virtual Events

Planning an online virtual event 

There are many benefits to holding an online event as opposed to an ‘in-person' event. Online events are more cost effective, more sustainable, and most importantly at this present time, comply with social distancing rules. Transitioning your physical event to an online event or creating a new online event is the best way to safely and effectively engage your community and clients.

The Corporate Events team have provided some tips and links to external resources, which will help you plan and deliver an event online.

Guidance for online events 

Use of photography and film:
Whilst visual imagery (photograph, film footage) is key to the success of your project, together with the use of colour, branding, style and concept, which all contribute to the impact and identity of your materials the requirement to be GDPR compliant when using any images is essential. It is illegal to use anyone’s image without their consent and this consent must be documented and be able to be demonstrated.

Guidance relating to the use of images in presentations which are for commercial purposes can be found here.

Event planning toolkit:
The Events Planning toolkit includes checklists, templates and other resources to help event organisers. All University of Exeter staff and students are welcome to use and share this resource.