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Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences, Cornwall

Societies, Culture and Justice in the Past, Present and Future

About us

Humanities and Social Sciences, Cornwall is an exciting new interdisciplinary endeavour that fruitfully interweaves insights from the disciplines of History, Law School, Politics, Modern Languages and Literature. Our work examines societies, cultures and justice in the past, present and future. We work broadly across humanities and social sciences, and with other disciplines, to help make the world a better place for all.

Our research and teaching interests are diverse and overlapping. We offer a unique educational and research environment for our students and staff. We cover the core curricula of our respective disciplines, but also work creatively across our disciplines in the following areas:

  • Inclusive pedagogies: we provide and write about curricula and educational activities welcoming and inclusive to all.
  • Environmental justice: we think through environmental solutions that put justice for people, organisms and eco-systems at their centre.
  • Democracy and conflict resolution: we evaluate ways to allow the broadest array of citizen voices to be heard and to help them reach peaceful and effective compromises.
  • The making and remaking of knowledge: we understand that people come to know things in a variety of valid ways. We use this understanding to inform our approaches to both disciplinary and cross-disciplinary work.
  • Identity, narrative and memory: we appreciate and illustrate the ways in which narratives of the past and present shape our identities and societies.
  • Understanding and redressing violence and coloniality: we are sensitive to the inequities of imperialism and think through solutions to these and other forms of violence.

Our Leadership Team