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Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Professional service leads for faculty leadership

The diagram below shows the strategic professional services leadership team for the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. They provide a key role supporting the faculty with strategic advice and information and connecting with the professional service teams providing essential services to academics.

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Director of Faculty Operations
Tom Begbie
Deputy Director of Faculty Operations
Faculty Executive Officer
Emily Morris
Director of Cornwall Operations
Amie Fulton
Deputy Director of Cornwall Operations
Business Manager to the DVC, Cornwall
Catriona Taylor
Department/School/Institute Managers

Charlie Rushforth (Classics, Ancient History, Religion and Theology Department Manager)
Karin Venema (Archaeology and History Department Manager)
Charlie Rushforth (Communications, Drama and Film Department Manager)
Susan Leedham (English and Creative Writing Department Manager)
Ongoing recruitment (School of Education Department Manager)

Mark Plummer (HASS Penryn Department Manager )
Steve Bassett (Languages, Cultures and Visual Studies Department Manager)
Ongoing recruitment (University Research Institute Manager (Societies and Cultures Institute)

Dan Frost (Law School Department Manager)
Hannah Corfield (Social and Political Sciences, Philosophy and Anthropology Department Manager)
Ongoing recruitment (Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies Department Manager)

External Engagement & Global Partner
Gemma Bartlett
Alumni and Volunteering Manager (Humanities)
Kate Nicholls (interim)
Alumni and Volunteering Manager (Social Sciences)
Alison Gordon (interim)
Head of Development (Philanthropy)
Susanna Bennett (interim)
Head of Campaigns
Lucie Burnett
Digital and website support
Ed Creed
General support
Global Partnerships Lead
Nick Chavasse
Faculty Communications Manager
Catherine Moore
General Enquiries
International student recruitment
Press and PR

Kerra Maddern

Andy Merrington

Student recruitment
External Engagement & Global Partner  (Cornwall)
Global Partnerships Lead (Cornwall)
Stuart Westhead

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Senior Education Partner
Garth Carey-Jones
Deputy Education Partner
Education Partner (Cornwall)
Catriona Taylor

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Head of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (IIB Partner)

Jess Hurrell

Head of IIB, Cornwall

Louise Osborne


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Strategic Planning Partner
Susan Fallon
Health and Safety Lead
Liz O'Brien

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Head of Finance (HASS)

Robin Wheeler

Faculty Senior Management Accountant

Andrew Burt

Space and Infrastructure Lead

Andrea Schoefbeck


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Senior Human Resources Partner

Jane Stephenson

Human Resources Partner

Faye Driscoll

Recruitment Lead


Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Lead


Human Resources Partner (Cornwall)

Sandra McArthur


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IT Services
General IT Support
Martin Bennie
IT Partner (Cornwall)

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Doctoral College/Innovation, Impact and Business/Research Services Faculty Partner (HASS)

Suzi Masterman

Technical Services Faculty Partner

Jon Primrose

Funder Cluster Lead & Research Services Partner (Cornwall)

Chloe Onoufriou

Technical Services Faculty Partner (Cornwall)

Adrian Watson

University Research Institute Manager

Ongoing recruitment University Research Institute Manager (Societies and Cultures Institute)

Funder cluster leads (facing HASS)

Kevin Sales


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