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Central Policy and Governance

University Academic Workload Policy

The University of Exeter has established Workload Planning Policy Guidance, which is reviewed annually by the Workload Planning Steering Group, and provides a framework to:

  • Ensure that, as a research-intensive institution, staff with a contractual duty to research are given time and opportunity to develop and publish their research.
  • Assist the University through Colleges to address its obligations to manage the health and safety of its staff, particularly with regard to stress, wellbeing and work-life balance.
  • Assist the University in meeting its equality and diversity obligations.
  • Provide for parity of treatment in the distribution of work to academic staff in each College, taking account of discipline-specific characteristics.
  • Provide a basis for the costing of the delivery of taught modules.
  • A system that fully articulates with TRAC, and is capable of replacing the manual completion of TAS by academic staff.

Individual College policies can be found on our College Information pages.


The University’s Workload Planning Steering Group was established in January 2014, chaired by the DVC (Education) Professor Tim Quine, with membership comprising a senior representative from each College, HR, Policy, Planning and Business Intelligence and the University and College Union. The Steering Group meets once each term. As a member of VCEG, Tim Quine provides the link to the top level of management of the University.

Workload Planning Steering Group: Dates and Outcomes

DateOutcomes of Meeting
30th March 2020  March Steering Group Outcomes
27th April 2020 April Steering Group Outcomes
17th June 2020  June Steering Group Outcomes
20th October 2020  October Steering Group Outcomes
2nd December 2020  December Steering Group Outcomes
2nd February 2021  February Steering Group Outcomes
18th March 2021  March 2021 Steering Group Outcomes
27th April 2021  April 2021 Steering Group Outcomes
8th June 2021  June 2021 Steering Group Outcomes
12th October 2021  ‌October 2021 Steering Group Outcomes
25th January 2022  ‌January 2022 Steering Group Outcomes
8th March 2022  ‌March 2022 Steering Group Outcomes

Most Colleges have a Workload Allocation Action Group (WAAG) which meets regularly to discuss issues with Workload Planning and the use of SWARM; to find out more about the WAAG (or equivalent) in your College, please contact your College Workload Planning Administrator.