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SEAS Cornwall

Key Functions:

  • Student employability and pathway delivery
  • Information and systems
  • Employer engagement and employment services
  • Global opportunities (inc Penryn Field trips)

SEAS Cornwall Manager

Josie Turner


Phone: 01326 255756


Name Responsibility Phone
Elaine Munro-Lott Employability & Careers Consultant  
Rachel Coombes Employability & Careers Consultant 01326 253618
Ben Toulson Employability & Careers Consultant (1st Year Penryn Module)  
Wendy Woolery Employability & Careers Consultant (Law)  
Sunny Lalli Employability & Careers Consultant  
Dave Gyll-Murray Employability & Placement Advisor  
Richard Prest Employability & Placement Advisor 01326 371858
Rachel Haddy Employability & Placement Advisor (Skills)  
Name Responsibility  Phone
Chez Crickmere Employer Engagement & Events Officer  
Hannah Goodfellow Employer Engagement Support Officer (Placements) 01326 370451
Jade McLeod Employment Engagement Support Officer (Events)  
Laura Gallagher Employer Engagement Administrator  
Jess Merivale-Perry Employer Engagement Administrator  
Sarah Hambury Employer Engagement Administrator  
Vacancy Employer Engagement Administrator  
Name Responsibility 
Sharron Curtis Career Zone Officer
Rachel Scofield Global Opportunities and Field Trip Support Officer
Kayleigh Sandercock Global Opportunities and Field Trip Support Officer