Future projects

The lab optimisation project is looking to identify a pipeline of lab optimisation projects across the University campuses which meet the criteria below.

These would be subject to review by the Lab Optimisation Steering Group and approval by the Capital Investment Group. If you are a member of University of staff and have any proposals of lab optimisation projects which would fit the criteria outlined we would welcome your initial ideas. Please email labopt@ex.ac.uk if you would like to submit an idea based on the criteria below. 


• £400k maximum total cost for implementation
• Short turnaround time for completion. Because these are optimisation projects and not large scale refurbishment, it is therefore the expectation that there is a 6-8 week on site turnaround.

Tangible Return on Investment identified as one of the following;

• Identified opportunity for increased research income
• Space bought back into action
• Increased teaching capacity
• Identified increase in student experience