May 2015


Progress is being made to ensure that our new structures can be circulated on 1 July. The Business Case for technical services was taken to the Exeter Transformation Board in March who agreed with our approach and the operating model. Our working group is now drawing up detailed structures for the service across all our campuses. We will be taking these to senior academic staff and college executive groups to ensure that they are fit for purpose. We are also working closely with Human Resources to develop job descriptions to match the new structures and ensure that they have the right grades. We have been working closely with unions throughout the transformation and once the structures and JDs are ready we will be consulting with them again.

Head of Service

Head of Service interviews take place on 19th May and we hope to announce the new Head of Service shortly after this. Working with a Steering Group, the Head of Service will define the senior management structure for the service. 

Technical Services Conference - 13 July

There is a packed agenda at this year's Technical Services Conference, with the opportunity to participate in a range of workshops. We really hope that all technical staff (including those on contracts) are able to attend so please sign up now:

Technical Services Conference