May 2016

James Bassitt and Ian MoonSmeaton’s Tower has been 'shaken' by scientists

James Bassitt and Ian Moon made it into the Plymouth Herald for the work with the Vibration Engineering Section on Smeaton Tower in Plymouth. 








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The Geoffrey pope building is proud to be parents of 4 baby ducklings. They have only just hatched out today in the G.P duck house, and are already causes a quite an attraction with the staff, students and visitors.

New Joiners to Technical Services

Technical Services would like to welcome the following new staff to the University:

  • Spencer Churchyard - Stores Assistant
  • Matthew Davies - Technician Level 1 (Laboratory Assistant)
  • Nicolas Helmstetter - Experimental Officer
  • Paul Henderson - Technician
  • Lauren Holt - Research Technician
  • Ruth Warfield -Research Technician