November 2015

New IST memberships for Technical Services - Congratulations

Technical Services are pleased to announce that the following members of Technical Services are now members of the Institute of Science and Technology (IST), having taken advantage of our Technical Services Career Development Framework and corporate affiliation with the IST:Daniela Farina MIScT

  • David Milner MIScT
  • Florian Bayer MIScT
  • Mark Heath MIScT
  • Anna Tochwin MIScT
  • Joe Faulks MIScT
  • Andrew Foster MIScT
  • Ian Leaves MIScT
  • Corrina Lowry AssocIScT
  • Jordanna Broom AssocIScT

A full list of technical staff that are now on their way to professional registration can be found here.

What do I need to do to become a member too? We have set up an account with the IST, so all you need to do in order to become a member is complete the membership form. Follow the guidance in our 'Corporate Affiliation (IST)' section to find out more.

University of Exeter awarded “2015 Large Business of the Year” for Apprenticeships

Exeter has some outstanding large businesses based within the City. Over the last 3 years more and more large organisations have developed Apprenticeship programmes to support their business needs. Their relative wealth of resource and support creates some outstanding opportunities for Apprentices and Exeter College are proud to support a large number of outstanding businesses.

In a break from tradition the event was organised and hosted by current Apprentices at Exeter College. This year the University of Exeter was awarded the “2015 Large Business of the Year” award.

“The University of Exeter provide numerous opportunities for Apprentices every year. They provide an outstanding commitment to students through offering high quality and well-structured work experience to ensure future Apprentices are ideally suited for the roles they take on. They continually look to develop their Apprenticeship provision and were the first employer to commit fully to the higher Apprenticeship provision with Exeter College. Regardless of scale, the University of Exeter supports each individual every step of the way”.

Mike Blakeley (Head of Business Solutions and Enterprise at Exeter College) said:
“Our recognised success as a provider is down to the hard work and dedication of our employers and their Apprentices. It’s an honour to be able to celebrate their achievements. The event focuses on our winners but it also recognises the success of nearly 600 Apprentices and the efforts of our exceptional business network which now numbers 900”

“We are exceptionally fortunate in this area to have some of the most supportive and forward thinking businesses in the country. The range and diversity of our network ensures young people get some amazing opportunities. We recognise the impact of high quality placements on our Apprentices and we use events like this to recognise the contribution these key partners make” He added “Congratulations to all our winners. They are what makes our Apprenticeship provision amongst the best”

Exeter College's principal Richard Atkins and Cllr Rosie Denham congratulated the 12 Apprentices who were selected for honours at the event. The awards recognised the outstanding commitment that had been made to their programmes both at college and at work.

The Awards will be featured in Exeter College’s next quarterly newsletter which goes out to over 800 businesses. They have also sent a press release to the Express and Echo who will be covering the event.


One Step Beyond: Staff Mentoring Scheme

What is Mentoring?

Mentors, as well as acting as a sounding board and offering impartial feedback, are experienced professionals who are willing and able to help others and who use their own professional experiences to help steer and support the learner (or “mentee”).

Why should I participate?

Mentoring is of particular value for staff who are developing in new roles or who wish to develop themselves beyond their current role. Mentoring has been identified as a key tool in providing a supportive environment to staff, in particular it is recommended to improve engagement with under-represented groups.

Participation in the mentoring scheme will be recognised in the PDP process under ‘citizenship’. The mentor and mentee roles should be included as an objective and recognised in staff PDRs.

How do I get involved?

Phase 2 of the 'one step beyond' mentoring scheme will be for Professional and Technical Services Staff.  Registration will open following the expected launch of Phase 2 in January 2016. Forms and more details to follow...


Trent Line Management

Trent has been updated with line management details following the Professional Services Homing and the implementation of Technical Services. Please inform your line manager if your leave requests are not going to the right person.


Job Descriptions

Technical Services staff job descriptions will soon be moved onto the new format in order to ensure that we address feedback from our technical staff and academics around their role. Specifically:

  • Clearly defined roles, and responsibilities at each grade
  • Standardisation and harmonisation of expectations at each grade
  • Responsibility assigned for health and safety

This will mean that your current job description will be transposed onto the new form – slotting in letters are being sent to technical staff that this will affect. New staff, and staff who have recently moved into new roles, already have new style job descriptions.