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HEaTED Professional Development Route Map

As the University of Exeter are corporate HEaTED members, HEaTED will provide our entire technical workforce with access to the following professional development opportunities and resources:

Continuous Professional Development

  • Over 250 specialist technical skills courses at subsidised prices for HEaTED members, with multiple occurrences running across the UK and many that can be delivered as bespoke courses in your institution.
  • Access to HEaTED’s Competency Assessment Toolkit for Technical Staff (CATTS) to support the performance review process, improve succession planning and staff development.
  • HEaTED’s Professional Development Route Map, ensuring all staff are aware of the opportunities available to them through HEaTED.

Professional Networks and Communications

  • The HEaTED team works across the UK to deliver face-to-face network events each year. Members can attend, host events, present and showcase their facilities and skills.
  • Our Online Groups have over 2500 members. Members can access all HEaTED groups and request private online group space for their own institution.
  • eNewsletters, magazines, blogs and tweets update and connect you with technicians across the UK.

Professional Registration

  • All professional development opportunities provided by HEaTED can be used as CPD evidence/credits on applications for and renewal of Professional Registration.

View the HEaTED Professional Development Route Map (pdf)