Visual imagery is key to the success of your project – colour, branding, style and concept all contribute to the impact and identity of your materials. We will advise you on a wide range of photographic requirements, from choosing a photographer to making decisions on photographic style and choice of subject.

Our register of freelancers have all worked for the University and we offer advice when selecting a photographer who can be relied on to enhance your design. You will also need to complete a Photographer consent form, be informed on Data Protection and also to have read and understand the guidelines for briefing your photographer.

The University’s photolibrary

Asset Bank ( holds the University’s photolibrary.

‘View only’ access to Asset Bank is automatic for staff and students with a University of Exeter username and password. Upload/download permission is restricted to the central design, web and marketing teams to protect against overuse and misuse of certain images. If you have ‘view only’ permission you should contact your College Marketing Manager or Web Officer to have your chosen images downloaded.

If you are a member of the central design, web or marketing team you can request your download permission via the ‘Contact Us’  link on the left-hand menu in Assetbank.

Uploading images

If you have ‘upload’ permission please read our guidelines on uploading images to Assetbank.

Asset bank does not hold our entire photo stock but we are adding to it all the time. If you can’t find the image you want please contact Georgina Moore or a member of the Design Team (if you have seen it in print) or the web team.

External photolibraries

External photolibraries are a good source of inexpensive copyright-free general images; for example:

Recommended photographers

The photographers listed below have all worked for the University. Before contacting one of these photographers please call the Design Studio on 01392 723498 to discuss their suitability for your project.



If you commission a photographer that has not previously worked for the University please make sure that they sign the Photographer consent form. The photographer holds copyright and this form specifies how the University may use the images and what permissions the photographer has to obtain from us before using the images for his/her own publicity.

Photography brief

If you are commissioning photography for a specific piece of print or for a web campaign we strongly recommend that you ask the Studio to work with the photographer and provide art direction for the shoot. Please contact Carole Fitzgerald to discuss.

Please read the guidelines for briefing the photographer.

Model consent

The Data Protection Act 1998 requires you to obtain the model’s consent if you take their photograph or video footage for use by the University. This applies to students, staff and non-University models and you should retain the consent forms. Please read the sample Model consent form. We suggest that you modify it for your purposes.  

If the activity includes minors (under 18) parental consent must be obtained. Please read the sample Model (minors) consent form which can be modified for your purposes. You would normally coordinate signatures via the teacher or leader of the group.

If you take a group photo, for example a lecture, students should be given the opportunity to leave the group whilst the photo is being taken. The person in charge of the group (lecturer in this case) should sign the consent form on behalf of the group.

Crowd photography release notice

Sometimes photographers and filmmakers/videographers will shoot in a public area where people in the background may be captured on camera. It isn’t feasible to get every single person who enters that area to sign a photo release form. So, most photographers and filmmakers/videographers post at all entrances a “crowd photo release notice”.

If you are taking photographs at an event please find below a link to download the Crowd Photo Release Notice, available as size A3 and A4 Posters to display at the event entrance.

A4 photo release notice

A3 photo release notice