Dr Craig Beall - preventing hypoglycaemia or restoring hypoglycaemia awareness


Diabetes is associated with a wide range of complications. We have particular expertise in understanding factors associated with cardiovascular disease, obesity and hypoglycaemia. We are working to gain deeper insight into the mechanisms involved with a view to preventing and managing these conditions for better patient outcomes. 

Complications - primary investigators

Name RoleKeywords
Dr Craig Beall Research Fellow AMP-activated protein kinase, Brain, neurons, Astrocytes, Diabetes complications, Glucose sensing hyperglycaemia, hypoglycaemia, Inflammation, Obesity, Pancreas, Physiology, Liver, Muscle 
Professor Angela Shore  Vice Dean (Research) Cardiovascular disease, microvascular function, type 2, blood pressure, microcirculation, Barret's Oesophasgus, primary care, public health
Professor Paul Winyard Professor of Experimental Medicine Cardiovascular disease, inflammation, vascular biology, nitrate metabolism, nitric oxide, oxidative stress, biomarkers.

Dr David Strain

Senior Clinical Lecturer (E&R) (HEFCE-NHS CSLA) Clinical inertia Ageing Older adults Microvascular disease Individualisation

Dr Katarina Kos

Senior Lecturer (E&R) (Clinical)  Adipose tissue function, gene and protein expression and function, human physiology, weight loss, obesity related complications, fatty liver disease, tissue oxygenation, vascular disease

Dr Mitra Tavakoli

Senior Lecturer (E&R) Microvascular Complications, Ophthalmic markers, Early Diagnosis, Screening , Implementation, Neurodegenerative biomarkers 

Dr Sebastian Oltean   

Senior Lecturer

Diabetic nephropathy, microvascular biology, Type I and II diabetes, Mice models of diabetes