Lifestyle, Prevention and Physiology

A wide range of factors can influence the risk of developing diabetes. Our world-leading research is helping to establish how our physiology and lifestyles can lead to diabetes, and strategies for prevention and management of the condition.

Our research encompasses a wide range of areas including obesity, diet and physical activity. We aim to understand the factors that are making it difficult to reverse the increasing levels of obesity in children and adults, including how the brain controls food intake and body weight. We want to develop more targeted treatment and interventions to support healthier lives. We are also supporting people to live well with diabetes, including elite athletes.

Lifestyle and Prevention - primary investigators

Name RoleKeywords
Dr Kate Ellacott  Senior Lecturer Animal models, hyperglycaemia, hypoglycaemia, impaired glucose tolerance, insulin resistance, obesity, type 2 diabetes, neuroendocrinology, brain
Professor Rob Andrews  Associate Professor of Diabetes/Honorary Consultant in Diabetes Exercise, Diet, Clinical studies, Obesity, education, Type 1, Type 2, B cell, insulin resistance, hyperglycaemia, hypoglycaemia
Professor Paul Winyard Professor of Experimental Medicine Cardiovascular disease, inflammation, vascular biology, nitrate metabolism, nitric oxide, oxidative stress, biomarkers
Dr Katarina Kos  Senior Lecturer (E&R) (Clinical) Adipose tissue function, gene and protein expression and function, human physiology, weight loss, obesity related complications, fatty liver disease, tissue oxygenation, vascular disease
Dr Alan Barker  Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Exercise and Health  Exercise, cardio-metabolic diseases, type 1 diabetes, adolescents, metabolism, vascular health, high-intensity exercise, moderate-intensity exercise

Dr Francis Stephens

Associate Professor Type 2 diabetes, ageing, insulin resistance, skeletal muscle, lipid metabolism, nutrition, exercise physiology


Professor Katrina Wyatt


Professor of Relational Health Prevention, creating the conditions for health, engaged research

Dr Jenny Lloyd 

Senior Research Fellow in Child Health BMI, diabetes risk factors, obesity, public and patient involvement, translational research