Images of Research

Images of Research is an innovative way to highlight the wide range of research that is taking place at the University of Exeter and an opportunity to look at research in a new and exciting way.

There are two main aims of the event:

  • to engage the public in academic research, particularly the breadth of research taking place at the University of Exeter;
  • to provide an opportunity for researchers to communicate often complex research to non-specialists.

How to apply

Submission of entries are open until Sunday 6 May- 23:59 (GMT). To enter please submit your image to us via email- alongside an abstract about the image and how it is related to your research (150 words maximum) and which category you wish to enter your image in. If your image is too large to send via email, we recommend that you use the free file transfer website WeTransfer with the abstract and category sent in a separate email.  

Please read the full Competition Rules and Terms and Conditions here. 

Winners will be announced on Friday 25 May at a special event that will be held in the Digital Humanities Lab, further information to come soon. All winning entries will be displayed in the Forum Street between 11-15 June. 

Winners of Previous Years

The winning entries for the 2017 competition were as follows:

Theme Winner
Collaboration Charlie Jeyes- High Resolution Image of a Brain Capillary
Society and Culture Tanimola Martins- Ethnic Inequality in Diagnosis of Symptomatic Prostate Cancer
Sustainable Futures (Overall Winner) Matthias Becher- Tell Us Where You Are Going
Technologies Jayden van Horik– Robo-bird
Highly Commended  
Natalie Ohana- Legal Alienation
Richard Tennant- A Blast from the Past

A gallery of all 2017 entries can be viewed here

Images of Research 2017 judging panel 

Many thanks to our esteemed judging panel, that consisted of:


The winning entries were displayed to the public during 'universities week' on the Streatham Campus between 2-7th June 2016 and on the Penryn Campus between 13-17th June 2016.



Kate Boddy- Public Participation

Society and Culture Anastasia Sommerville-Wong- Tea Cermony
Sustainable Futures Andrew Watts- Face2Face with Plastic
Technologies Richard Tennant- A Millisecond of Analysis

Gallery of all 2016 entries

The winning entries were displayed to the public during 'universities week' on the Streatham Campus between 5-10th June 2015 and Penryn Campus between 15-19th June 2015. 

Theme Winner
Collaboration Leigh Shelford- Crystalline
Society and Culture Sulayman Mourabit- Fish Selfie
Sustainable Futures Andrew Watts- Plastic Waste
Technology Jolyon Troscianko- Fiery-necked Nightjar Hiding in Leaf-littler

Gallery of all 2015 entries

The winning entries were dislayed to the public during 'universities week' on the Streatham Campus between 9-13th June 2014 and the Penryn Campus between the 16-20th June 2014.

Theme Winner
Collaboration Rhys Goodhead- Fairy Light
Society and Culture Bernard Allaire- Archival Wreck
Sustainable Futures Matt Amesbury- Unlocking the secrets of Antaratic moss banks
Technology Natalie Garrette- Bright Bettle

Gallery of all 2014 entries