The interdisciplinary ESMW Research Cluster will take place in three broad phases with 5 themes.

At Phase 1 the research cluster is undertaking scene-setting exercises and is working on

  • Theme 1: Setting out the facts - What is Energy Security in the 21st Century?

Download the Discussion Paper: Energy Security in a Multipolar World (PDF logo 446kb)

The exercises will focus on establishing what Energy Security is, and the synergies and conflicts which may be related to it; understanding the reach and value of international relations in a multipolar world;    understanding the importance of supply chains to a secure energy future; and furthering the understanding of the value of local and individual initiatives in improving energy security.

The next two phases enables a deeper understanding of the central research areas agreed in Phase 1.

In Phase 2 ESMW working groups will have a closer look on the following themes:

  • Theme 2: Technology and Absolute Constraints
  • Theme 3: Synergies and Conflicts
  • Theme 4: International Relations & Supply Chains

Phase 3 will bring together the outputs from all working groups while working on the last theme:

  • Theme 5: Consolidation of Outputs

By the end of the research cluster, each issue will have been addressed in greater depth on three levels so that the inter-relationships between energy security, international relations and supply chains become clearer: and so that recommendations can be made to improve and coordinate policies to do with energy security across the British Government.

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