CSS's harvesting plant.

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Cut operational costs

Methods to cut energy bills were cut make electricity supply more secure at salt wholesalers The Cornish Sea Salt Company (CSS) were identified with the support of the Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI).

Projects carried out by University of Exeter students demonstrated how energy bills could be reduced by 15 per cent, suggested viable renewable energy options and answered questions CSS had about their environmental performance.

CSS sources its salt from the sea around its Lizard Peninsula base – however, it is a huge technical challenge to source high quality salt crystals without impacting on marine ecology and environment.

Sitting at the end of the electricity supply chain, supply was unreliable, a significant limitation on profitability and sustainability – a single outage could set production back by 24 hours. Rising energy costs were almost as damaging.

ESI Knowledge Exchange Manager Leo McLeman spotted an opportunity to help CSS solve its energy problems and provide practical work experience for University of Exeter students, recruiting from the Renewable Energy programmes ran at the Penryn Campus.

One report identified how costs could be reduced using ‘power perfection’ – a process that ensures electricity supply is exactly equal to demand, reducing wastage to the bare minimum. It also identified realistic renewable energy options, one being wave energy.

With this in mind, Leo and the Knowledge Exchange Team linked CSS with Dartmouth Wave Energy, a company producing wave energy generators. After promising discussions, investment is now being sought to install renewables at CSS’s Porthkerris facility.

Phillip Tanswell, Operations Director at CSS feels that working with the ESI has helped the company achieve its sustainability goals, saying: “Working with the ESI has helped us improve our process and become more sustainable. We now know we can work with a partner locally who has the knowledge and expertise to help us as we continue to grow.”